Prayer and Fasting

As we continue through this month’s sermon series, First(s) of the Year, I want to keep a few things in front of you as we discuss prayer/fasting and giving.

  • Have you chosen a time and a place where you and God can connect each day?
  • Have you decided on a plan for prayer? If you need help with this, pick up a Pray First! prayer guide at the Hub. It is a great tool for guiding you in prayer!
  • Be praying and thinking about how you can join the church family, beginning the first Sunday of February, for 21 days of fasting prayer. If you missed this past Sunday’s message, we have a handout at the Hub that will provide more information regarding ways you can fast and pray during this time.

This Sunday, we will turn our attention to the topic of giving and stewardship. I know this can be a touchy subject. It’s personal. And, it impacts everyone. Maybe this is why Jesus spoke so much about giving and finances. He knew that this issue goes to the heart of where we all live and that it is ultimately a matter of trust. But it is not only a matter of whether you and I can trust God but whether God can trust us with what he has given us. He has given each of us time, talent, and treasure, and we are called to be faithful stewards, or managers, of those things with which he has entrusted us.

While this next couple weeks may stretch some of us, it may also be the beginning of the greatest period of growth for you personally! When we take steps of faith, cry out to God, and trust him with our lives and our livelihood, he shows up in amazing ways. When we put God first, other things begin to fall into their proper place. So, be sure to join us in the next couple of weeks as we continue to discuss another First(s) of the Year!

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