Christmas Outreach

As many of you know, Lisa and I just returned from our trip to Hyderabad, India. We were able to take part in Enoch and Stella Bylla’s wedding. What a beautiful wedding! We participated in some of the week-long events leading up to the wedding, as well. I’ll tell you, folks in India sure know how to celebrate!

In addition to the wedding, Lisa and I were able to see first-hand the work that Enoch is doing with his new Changes Ministries. He has been discipling a group of 6 young leaders, some of whom came from a Hindu background into faith in Jesus, and others who came through connection with Renewed Hope India children’s home. Enoch’s ministry is off to a great start! We are so proud of him and look forward to seeing what God has in store for the church of India as a result of his training ministry.

RENEWED HOPE INDIA (Home for children and widows)
We were also able to visit the children’s home, run by Madhukar and Sony Bylla, and see the young people who are being fed, clothed, and given an opportunity to get a good education. Moreover, these young people are being introduced to Jesus. In fact, two of the young men that Enoch is training for ministry have grown up at the home and have come to Christ through RHI.

One of those young men is Ramesh. He did the bulk of our driving for us while we were in India. Believe me, you don’t want to have to drive in India! So, we were glad to have him behind the wheel. Madhukar is developing Ramesh into a strong servant with a vision for the kingdom of God. Another young man who is part of Enoch’s disciple group is married to Angel, one of the first girls who grew up at Renewed Hope India. Through their relationship, he came to know Christ, and he is now studying to go deeper in his faith and ministry!

I am sharing this with you for two reasons. The first reason is because Bailey Christian Church played a key role in starting Renewed Hope India. In fact, this ministry was essentially a partnership between Horeb House of Prayer church in Hyderabad, India, and Bailey Christian Church. It began with a God moment in which Lisa Penwell and Sony Bylla met at a children’s ministry conference in Chicago. Out of that meeting, Renewed Hope India was born, and over the past decade, many children and widows have been loved in the name of Jesus.

The second reason is because the home—which currently houses about 40 young people and 5 widows—is in desperate need of financial help right now. Over the past year, support has waned, but the ministry has continued on. The current shortfall is about $1,000 per month.  The board of RHI has been in discussion about the future of the home and is looking for ways to help see the children through to May when they finish their school year. As you think about Christmas or year-end giving, would you consider a special gift for the home to help them through the next several months? Moreover, if you would like to partner with the ministry on a monthly basis to help see the work beyond this May, that would be great, as well!

Daren Penwell
Lead Pastor

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