Going Glocal
July 22nd, 2024
Hey, BCC family!It’s been several weeks since I have written. What a great summer already: CIY Move, and VBS are already behind us. Likewise, men’s and women’s groups have met this summer, and the mid...  Read More
BCC Update
May 20th, 2024
I shared an update Sunday on our giving toward the "Branching Out Campaign" for our children's wing. If you missed it, we now have well over $300,000 in the bank with over $500,000 pledged over the ne...  Read More
God Is Doing Something
May 7th, 2024
Ever have one of those days? I started out first service Sunday, prior to my sermon, with this question. Sunday was one of those days where technical issues were throwing a monkey wrench into my prep ...  Read More
BCC's Vision
April 9th, 2024
We are less than a week away from our Called to Grow: Branching Out banquet! It's exciting to think about what God is going to do, both now and in the future, with BCC's ministry to the next generatio...  Read More
New Series and Upcoming Banquet
April 3rd, 2024
Why do we do what we do as a church? Where are we going? What matters to us? What does God’s word tell us about the church’s mission, vision, and values? These are important questions every church nee...  Read More
Branching Out: 20 Day Prayer & Fasting
March 25th, 2024
Hey, church family!I know it was only a short while ago that we went through a 21 day time of prayer and fasting for our church and world. But, I want to invite you into another time of prayer and fas...  Read More
Called to Grow: Branching Out
March 22nd, 2024
BCC family,As we approach our Called to Grow: Branching Out building campaign banquet, I want to make sure everyone understands the need and vision for this special project, Our current children's are...  Read More
Trust Test (Part 2)
February 5th, 2024
As we begin this 21 days of fasting and prayer, I just want to send you an encouraging note. As you fast and pray, don't worry if things don't go perfectly as planned. When things don't go as desired,...  Read More
Trust Test (Part 1)
January 29th, 2024
As we come to the last week of our series, First(s) of the Year, and the beginning of our 21-day fast, I wanted to remind you of a few things:Prayer and Fasting* Decide how you will join with us in th...  Read More
Prayer and Fasting
January 22nd, 2024
As we continue through this month’s sermon series, First(s) of the Year, I want to keep a few things in front of you as we discuss prayer/fasting and giving.Have you chosen a time and a place where yo...  Read More
First(s) of the Year
January 17th, 2024
God knows we all start somewhere, and it is not as important where you are in the journey as it is that you simply start taking steps forward in growth....  Read More
Habits Take Time
January 15th, 2024
Though we were interrupted Sunday in our current series, First(s) of the Year, we will continue this coming Sunday with a focus on fasting and prayer. This month, it is likely you may feel stretched. ...  Read More