The King Is Alive!

Wow! What a great weekend of remembering what Jesus did for us! From the community Good Friday service (which was awesome!) to our Easter service (which was also awesome!) on Sunday, we had a beautiful opportunity to reflect on Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection. Levi and the worship team (along with the choir) did a wonderful job of planning and creating two very worshipful services. Jacob Kmble and Cindy Stowell were awesome in helping bring the story to life in drama. Gabe Malone and Lexi Tomassunas, what can I say? Such beautiful voices of worship coming from our young people. You make us proud!

Alicia Lara and the food crew...Sue Mansfield and all of our friendly greeters...Keith Hill/Jack Bosch and the ushers...All the elders who served Friday and Sunday in various service roles...Lisa and everyone who served in the children's areas, thank you! I am proud to call Bailey Christian Church my church, my home, and my family.


Daren Penwell
Lead Pastor

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