God Changes Lives

BCC family,

I don’t have anything profound to say today, but I wanted to simply reach out and let you all know how grateful I am for you. Lisa and I have been blessed to serve here with you for over 25 years. That’s a lot of summers! We’ve watched as our children and the children of others within the BCC family have grown up, headed off to school, work, marriage, etc. and even have had children of their own. That is the blessing of remaining in one place for that many years. We get to be part of your lives—and you a part of ours—and see faith in Jesus take root and grow.

As this year’s graduates take their next steps, we await to see what God will do in and through each one. Whether it be accounting, teaching, parenting, or welding, each vocation is an opportunity to serve God and minister to the world around us.

While every avenue of work and life should be viewed through the lenses of ministry, some are called to dedicate their lives to ministry in the local church or on the mission field. With this in mind, I want to celebrate the folks who are currently serving—or preparing to serve—in these types of full-time ministry. By my count there are more than 12 who are serving as youth ministers, preachers, missionaries, as well as others sharing in ministry with their spouse who is a pastor. Some of these include people who have grown up here, like Madison (Penwell) Reynen and Zach Carlson, as well as others we have “adopted,” like Jason Ross, Andrew Apps, and Enoch Bylla. From Kaylee in Guatemala to Enoch in India to Rod and Carmen in Honduras. Now that is worth celebrating!

God’s word continues to go out from Bailey and will continue this summer through experiences with Alpha, CIY, and VBS, as well as church camp. Please, pray for our servants who have been sent out, and pray for those whom God will raise up moving forward. But, pray also that all of us at Bailey will see it as our calling to minister wherever God has placed us!
Daren Penwell
Lead Pastor

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