Ezekiel is a wrap- on with Awkward Family Christmas

Now that we have wrapped up our series on Ezekiel (I hope you were blessed and challenged by this study!) and begun our journey through Advent, I want to challenge you to be awkward this Christmas. We will be looking at some awkward aspects of the first Christmas with Joseph and Mary, the Wisemen and Herod, and others, realizing that everyone experiences awkwardness, difficulties, and even trials in their lives. But the truth of Christmas is that God steps down into our awkwardness and loves us anyway.

Moreover, he has given us the call to invite others into this story. So, I want to challenge you to reach out to a neighbor, friend, or family member and invite them to join you for our Christmas services this month. Of course, doing so may be awkward at times for some of us. We might wonder, Will they say, no? Or, will they think I am weird for asking? They might. Be awkward anyway! But think of this: What if they say, yes? Wouldn't that be cool?

I hope you'll plan to join us and bring someone with you as we all get awkward together this Christmas!

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