The Church Begins

BCC family,

What a great day yesterday was! Thanks, again, to Levi and the worship team, Kris Dollberg and Barb Bedgood and the Event's Team, and all the Care Groups who cooked and helped with making our Father's Day brunch a success!

Yesterday, during our service, we also highlighted the beginning of the church and several key components that made the church so effective at reaching those around them. The early church's commitment to loving community and clear Biblical teaching, among other things, was a draw to those on the outside looking in. The church today has the same calling, even though we face genuine challenges from our culture. The mistake, however, would be to blame the world for the church's problems. The church has always been called to be counter-cultural, and the early church turned the Roman Empire upside down in just a few hundred years amid a dictatorship that, at times, persecuted Christians harshly.

Yes, the church in America will face increasing challenges, but I believe these "challenges" can become opportunities for the church to stand out, holding forth both the love and truth of Jesus. If you have a chance, take a moment to read this short article by Carey Nieuwhof. He gives good insight into the work the church needs to continue to faithfully reach a doubting world that questions the importance and value of the local church. I hope you'll find that BCC is committed to addressing all five of the concerns he raises!

Daren Penwell
Lead Pastor

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