God Knows What's Best and Works in Time

We looked at the story of Esther this past Sunday. What a powerful story of God working behind the scenes, putting people at just the right spot at the right time to make a difference. I believe God still does that today. I believe God has placed you right where you are to make a difference, as well. However, sometimes we don't always see it clearly. If that is you--as it is me at times--here is the prayer I invited us to pray Sunday:

   God, please open my eyes to where you are at work. Open my eyes to the needs of those around me, and give me the courage to stand up when others are sitting down. Help me to stand up for the helpless, the rejected, and the persecuted. In Jesus’ name, amen.

I want to invite you to pray this prayer this week. Ask God to use you to be a change agent right where he has placed you for "such a time as this." And watch what he does! 

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