This new addition to the building will house our new Bailey Kidz Zone.

This space will include a play place and community area that will be utilized far beyond Sunday mornings; offering spaces for families to gather and let their kids play. 
A New, large and safe worship space and classrooms for our Infants, Toddlers, Preschool, and K-4th kids  will allow us to reach more kids with the Gospel of Jesus. 
This expansion will also provide a mother's room and family restroom all on the main level.
He decreed statutes for Jacob and established the law in Israel, which he commanded our ancestors to teach their children, so the next generation would know them, even the children yet to be born, and they in turn would tell their children. Then they would put their trust in God and would not forget his deeds but would keep his commands.
Psalm 78:5-7

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we really need this Children’s Wing?
- Room Sizes:
Nursery, Toddler, Preschool: We have outgrown the size of our current rooms.  We need bigger Nursery, Toddler, Preschool, and K4 to accommodate the kids we have now and look forward to future growth.  As we look at space issues, we have to think of the size of the room for the amount of kids and adults (volunteers) and furniture in the room.  Right now, that number is 10 total in a room and we run 14 or more kids with 3 adults, so that’s 17 bodies in the room.
1. New Build: Having Nursery, Toddler, and Preschool classes side by side would help when volunteers are low or children numbers are low.  We could then see the discrepancy and combine classes.  As we are spread out, we need multiple volunteers for the second service when numbers are lower to serve fewer kids.
2. The bigger space would also allow for a better setup in the classroom for play and teaching time.

- More bathrooms:
Currently we have one one-stall shared bathroom between Nursery and Toddler rooms.  We have Preschool upstairs and they have a one-stall bathroom.  In K4, there is a boy's bathroom with two stalls and a girl's bathroom with two stalls.  With 40 kids on Wednesday, it can take 15 minutes for kids to take a bathroom break after the large group.  This cuts into class time.

1. In the new build we need a bathroom for the nursery with a changing table and a bathroom with a couple of stalls for Toddlers with Toddler appropriate fixtures or a bathroom shared between Toddler and Preschool with stalls for each.  K4 will need at least what we have now which would be a girl’s bathroom and a boy’s bathroom, but with at least three stalls each.

2. We would also like a Family bathroom in the play area.

- Safety:
Currently our Nursery and Toddler are the first rooms right off the main entrance, which is not safe in case of an intruder.  Our kid’s classrooms are scattered on all floors of the building.  If an emergency happened, parents would be inclined to run to their kid’s aid but would have to pick and choose where to go. K4 in the basement can’t currently shut doors or block exits.  Kids or intruders can enter the K4 area very easily and without anyone ever seeing them.  The back hall that leads to the exit on Pearl is drafty and anyone could sneak around the dark halls without any volunteers knowing they are there.
1. The new Children’s Wing would have the play structure the first thing people see when they enter and the classrooms would be further away from the door entrance.  We would also like to have a glass wall or something that shuts off the children’s wing from people.  There would need to be a door to come through to get into that area.  This added safety feature would keep kids in and others out who aren’t supposed to be there.
2. K4 would have a large enough worship area and large group area to accommodate Wednesday night numbers.  As well as classrooms that are bigger for small groups on Wednesday nights or breakouts on Sunday mornings.  We currently run 30 kids for the first service, and having 10 kids in each small basement room is tight.

On Sundays, how will it work for dropping kids off and then parents attending service? Will there be separate entrances?
No, there will not be separate entrances to the building.  The West entrance will extend out and still be a main entrance, but especially for families since the Children’s Wing will be right inside that entrance. It will be connected to the current lobby and fellowship area.  The children’s area will be Nursery through 4th grade so all families would check-in at the central desk for the Children’s Wing and children will go to their designated rooms back farther in the wing.  Parents will walk through the rest of the lobby area to the sanctuary doors.
Have we thought of renovating our current space?
Yes.  When we started this process eight years ago, we dreamed big.  Then we looked at how to scale back if that would fit our current need and allow for growth.  (When we say to allow for growth, we aren’t looking at having a children’s ministry of 250 kids like some mega-churches, but doubling our kids which is where we were a few years ago.  Back in 2018, K4 had 60 kids on a Wednesday night and we are trending toward that number again in the next few years.)  

At that time, we looked at renovating the basement.  We ran up against issues of load-bearing walls that cannot be removed. There are also poles and cinder block walls that cannot be removed, and exits that cannot be blocked due to fire code.  With each discussion, we came back to the best option being a new build as some of those renovations would cost a lot and would not solve all of the issues.  It would mean a million-dollar-plus renovation and we would need to look ahead to solve the rest of the issues.
What will the current children’s area be used for?
We do not have a specific plan yet for the current K4 space.  However, since storage will be a big need, and is already an issue, some of that space will likely become storage.  It is also likely that some of the space may become youth meeting rooms or redesigned for Upward use.
Is there a campaign team already assembled?
Yes. The team is made up of the staff, Daren Penwell, Lisa Penwell, Mandy Daniels, Levi Monk, and Zach Carlson, along with Amanda Monk, Brandon and Jill Zimmerman, and Bruce Rollston.  The team has been meeting since October 2023, and their primary function has been to roll out the campaign.  There will be other teams with other functions as they become necessary.
Where did this building plan come from?
Back in 2015, BCC began working with a consultation team from Intentional Churches and a group from the congregation to begin talking about the future needs at BCC.  Through their coaching, we continued to ask the question “What is missing? What is wrong?”  In 2018, our numbers of kids in Nursery, Toddler, Preschool, and K4 were already exceeding our spaces/classrooms.  So we began talks about what is needed.  Based on the conversations that began in 2015, this is the next step in the plan. BCC has always had a glocal focus, meaning global and local.  The purpose of this next step is part of the local aspect; it is intended for BCC to reach more in the community for the kingdom.
Is there a timeframe for when we plan to meet the $1.5 million first step to procure a loan?
We would like to have the $1.5 million (or more) raised in the next year (by March 2025) so we can go to the bank for a loan at that time.  At that time there would also be a congregational vote to move forward with procuring the loan and using the loan for the building project.  The goal would be to break ground June-August 2025.
What is the plan for the funds given if we do not meet the needed amount in that timeframe?
We do not currently have a “plan B” because our focus is on moving forward with our vision of building the new children’s wing.  However, we understand that there is a possibility that God closes this door or calls us to pause.  If that should happen, we will reassess at that time, pray, and decide what our next steps might be.  The funds given toward the project would remain in the building project account anticipating a building at a later time.  If plans should change regarding the building, the leadership would go to the congregation for approval to reallocate those funds.  However, we do not believe that this will be necessary.
Does the financial cost of this project compete with existing mission projects?
No. The leadership at BCC has always prioritized our ministries.  We will continue to have our commitments to missions and ministries.  BCC has committed to giving 13% of our general fund every month towards missions.  That will remain, and, as our giving in general grows, that amount also grows.
Are we looking for grants or special gifts from people outside of the church?
Yes. We have plans to explore grants, as well as to approach local businesses that may want to partner with us to better the community.  But first, our call is to our flock.  The need we have is a space and safety issue for the kids we already have.  We first need commitment from within to help answer the needs we currently have.  Our primary purpose for the building is for the kids already here, therefore we start in-house.
Is the worship area large enough to hold the number of people it will take to meet the monthly financial obligations of the loan?
Yes.  There is space within our current worship area to grow to 800 and beyond.  Of course, it would require additional changes for growth like adding a third service and other overflow.  However, the space we currently have does meet this need.
In regards to having the space “for the number of people it will take to meet the monthly financial obligations,” there is no specific number of people in attendance that will guarantee we have the funds.  We don’t know how many people God will grow our church to, and we don’t know how people currently coming to BCC will respond when challenged to step up in faith and give. Following the campaign banquet, we will have a clearer sense of what folks are willing to commit to.
What will church member’s financial commitments look like throughout the loan?
Our first call to giving will be a 5-year commitment.  We want people to understand that giving to this building project will be over and above a person’s regular giving.  We know this is a big ASK, but we believe that when people take steps in faith to trust God with their resources, he blesses and grows us.
More specifically, however, if the total cost of the building is $4.5 million and we need to raise $1.5 million to initiate the loan, we will be looking at the potential of a $3 million loan.  If so, the monthly mortgage on a 20-year loan at 6% would be about $21,500/month.  Thus, if 100 people/families gave an extra $215/month, we would meet the goal (or 50 people/families giving $430/month).  However, that does not take into account that some folks can give a larger quantity annually or monthly. We will not be asking people/families to give specific amounts since every person/family is different.

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How Can I Give?

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