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Please join us on Sunday mornings. 

Sunday Services:


  1. We are back to two indoor services at our original times of 9 am and 10:45 am. Registration for either service is required so that we can plan for seating and prepare communion.
  2. Special note on masks: For those not comfortable being indoors without masks, we will have a section of the worship area designated "masks required" during our 10:45 am service only. You are welcome to wear a mask in either service, but they are not required unless you are seated in this special section during the 10:45 am service. This way folks sitting in that area can go in and out the same door and can socially distance themselves from those not wearing masks. When registering for the 10:45 am service, you will need to indicate if you will be sitting in the mask-only section or not.

Children's Ministry:

  1. We will continue to have registration for the 9 am service Children's Ministry Programs. This helps us know how many children will be in the areas and how many volunteers we need to accommodate.  Due to volunteer needs, we can only offer children's programs during the 9 am service.  This means we may have to cap the number of children allowed in those areas.  This will also mean that there will be separate registration for each age group.
  2. If you would like to volunteer for any of the Children's Ministry areas, please contact the office. As the volunteer base grows, we will offer more programming.  Thank you for your patience and understanding in this area.

  • With  that in mind, below are the links for the registrations for this week. Please reach out to the office if you have any questions. (There will only be one registration link per service.  If you have children, you will register the adults in the 9 am service first, then a link will pop up to follow for registering  your children for a children's program.) For the 10:45 AM service, you will be asked whether you require the mask-only section or not.
  • Sunday, 9 AM Worship Registration= https://churchteams.com/m/Register.asp?a=aFdhWDFEY2ZqNWc9
  • Sunday, 10:45 AM Worship Registration= https://churchteams.com/m/Register.asp?a=VkNrcVViNlpiVmc9

We will continue to record the 9 am service which will be live and then available shortly after service on our YouTube channel.  If you have any questions, please reach out to the BCC office.

Sunday's Sermon- Vote: It's Your Choice!  It's election time!  Let's talk about what matters.  This will not be a Republican vs. Democrat series.  Rather we will focus on responding biblically to ideas, philosophies, and moral issues that transcend parties and have long-term impact on individuals, families and nations.

October 25- To Choose?: Issues of Sexuality and Gender

Bailey Kids Wednesdays and Velocity are in full swing; Wednesdays 6:30-7:45 pm.  The Vine is also in full swing; Sundays 6-8 pm. If you would like more information, visit Our Youth page.

If you would like to volunteer for MS or HS Youth Group, please contact the office.

Address: 17635 Pearl St Bailey, MI 49303

Service Times: Sunday Morning Worship Services @ 9:00 &  @ 10:45 am

Phone: 231.834.5919

 Church Office Email: baileychristianchurch@gmail.com