Come Grow With Us

What does a maturing Christian @ BCC look like?

A maturing Christian @ BCC is-

  • Committed to doing life in Christian COMMUNITY (relationships, small groups)
  • Exhibiting a lifestyle of STEWARDSHIP (giving of finances, talents and time)
  • Having an IMPACT for Jesus in every context of life (family, work, school community, private life)
  • Looking more like JESUS as the years go by (e.g., in our choices, demeanor, core for injustice/poor, love for others).  In other words, we never stop growing or “retire”!

How do I become a Christian?  

How do I grow as a Christian? 

How do I become a member here?  

Where can I get involved in serving?  

These are some of the most common questions asked by newcomers.  Maybe you’re new here and have similar questions.  If so, we have just what you’re looking for.

Our Rooted and Growing in Christ process is designed to help you answer some of the basic questions about life, salvation, church involvement, Christian growth, and sharing your faith with others.  This process is also geared to take you beyond the basics to a maturing faith in Christ.

Rooted and Growing in Christ

BCC’s Connecting Points (3-S’s)

At Bailey we know it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle when joining a new church.

That’s why we want to help you along your pathway to maturity by taking you through key steps toward spiritual growth.  One of the most basic aspects of our Bailey DNA is what we call our “3 S’s” or “Connecting Points”:

  1. Sundays
  2. Small Groups
  3. Serving

We believe that each of these three, simple components is vital to the health and strength of the individual Christian, as well as, our church family.  A commitment to Sunday morning, gathering for worship, teaching, and encouragement is key to keeping us on track…or get us back on track if we have wandered through the previous week (Hebrews 10:24, 25).

Small groups (Care Groups for adults and youth groups for k-12th grade) are central to how we care for and connect with each other as a church.  We are committed to doing life together in these small groups: Bible study, prayer, fellowship, serving together, support, and fun!  In a growing church, the potential for falling through the cracks increases.  We don’t want this to happen.  This is why we call everyone to take responsibility for their own care, and to help care for others, by joining a small group (John 13:34, 35; Galatians 6:2).  This is where you will get to know others at a deeper level and others will get to know you.  It is also where you will be able to reflect further on the week’s sermon and on other issues in your Christian journey as we all seek to “walk” (think and act) more and more like Jesus (Ephesians 4:13).

The third “S” is serving others.  We believe serving is an integral part of what it means to be a Christian, but it is also one of the keys to helping us mature as Christians.  Just as exercise and practice allow a person to develop his/her physical muscles, serving others helps us to develop our spiritual muscles.  We learn to love and care for others the way Jesus does when we serve beyond ourselves.  This is why we say at Bailey, “Christianity is not a spectator sport.”  The Bible tells us that when we give our lives to Jesus and are baptized into Him, the Holy Spirit comes to live in and empower us (Acts 2:38).  He also gives each believer a spiritual gift(s) to serve and bless others (Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 12).  Our goal as a church is to help everyone find a place to serve that best fits his/her gifts and passions.  When this happens, the individual grows and is blessed, and the church is strengthened. 

And we believe that serving happens not only in our church building, but also outside in the community.  We are called to show God’s love and light to the world, so we are committed to challenging our people to serve in the community around us (Matthew 5:13-15).  We even encourage people to take a bigger step of faith and possibly join one of our mission trips to places like Mexico or Honduras to help open their eyes to the needs of a hurting world and to allow God to grow their faith in Him in even deeper ways.

Rooted In Christ- Foundational studies that are core to our Bailey DNA

We also know that for people to grow in their walk with Jesus, they need to be taught basic truths, as well as, more advanced concepts/practices of the Christian life.  At BCC we are committed to coming alongside of you to help you mature in Christ, so we have put together a set of studies that will guide you in your journey.  The studies listed in the first section below ("Rooted In Christ") are core/essential to what we want all of our members to have a handle on.  The studies listed in the second section ("Growing In Christ") are for the furthering of one’s spiritual growth and depth.  We believe these classes/groups—offered at different times throughout the year—will lead you to a stronger walk with Jesus and help you grow more deeply rooted in your relationship with God.

Bailey Basics- To know Jesus as Savior and Lord and commit to becoming part of the Bailey church family

Our Bailey Basics class, led by our Lead Pastor, Daren Penwell, deals with the foundations of what it means to give your life to Christ and to His church.  We also cover how to get plugged into community and serving here at Bailey. 

Offered quarterly.    

Walking As Jesus Walked-  To learn the habits for spiritual maturity and growth by learning to walk as Jesus walked

This study will take you further in your walk with Jesus.  In this study we look at the essentials to growth as a Christian: Bible reading, prayer, serving others, etc., by looking closely at how Jesus did these things.  We take you through Dann Spader’s excellent study, Walking As Jesus Walked.  WAJW will include Bible reading, reflection and group discussion.

This 10-week study will follow right after the Bailey Basics class wraps up. Use the link below to register for this class.

Love to Pray- To develop a prayer life that will allow you to grow in your relationship with God through daily communication with Him

Jesus’ closest followers asked him, “Lord, teach us to pray.”  That request reflects a struggle many of us have.  This is why we believe it is important to help train people to develop a prayer life.  Topics include, praying for others, the difference prayer makes, and prayer as a way of life.  Love to Pray, by Alvin VanderGriend, is an 8-week study that will be offered throughout the year. 

Telling Others About Jesus- To learn how to share your faith in Jesus

In this study you will discover how to “complete the circle” by learning to lead someone else to Christ.  This class focuses on evangelism and missions.  While some are more gifted than others in this area, we believe that all of us are called to reach the lost for Jesus.  (Time and location TBD; watch for announcements)

Growing In Christ: More advanced studies to help a person grow deeper in his/her walk with Christ

During the summer months (as well as, possible weekend seminars during the school year) we offer studies that will help you grow in maturity in Christ. Subjects include:

• A Study of the Important Themes in Genesis 1-3

• Old Testament Survey

• New Testament survey

• How to interpret the Bible

• Biblical Doctrine/Theology

• Apologetics (how to give a defense of the Christian faith)

• Worldview Studies

• World Religions

• Studies of individual books of the Bible

• Missions/missiology

• Church History

• Restoration Church History

• Worship

• Christian Parenting

• Christian Marriage

• How to Lead Your Child to Christ

• “Financial Peace University”

    And more….