Daren Penwell

Daren Penwell is our Lead Pastor.  He has been married to Lisa, our Children’s Minister, for 29 years.  They had their first real conversation while dancing at a wedding, and it  was then that he learned about Lisa's heart for missions and ministry and began to realize that he might just have found the one! Since then, God has led Daren and Lisa  through 25 years of full-time ministry and, along the way, to a number of mission experiences around the world. Their proudest accomplishments, however, are their two daughters, Brittany and Madison, and their husbands, Josh Strickler and Kyle Reynen. They all love Jesus and have a heart for ministry and Christ's church.  

Besides Daren’s love for his family and the church, he also has several other loves: Notre Dame football (Go, Irish!), lifting weights and....flowers! He loves the Notre Dame campus in October during football season, and loves a beautifully landscaped lawn in the summer, bursting with color. He also enjoys reading theology books…oh, and walks on the beach!

When asked what his dream is for BCC, Daren answered, “One thing I love is to dream and to envision what is possible if only God will show up. I believe the best days of BCC aren't in our past. They are yet to come! Church specialists will tell you that most churches reach their peak about 25 years out. From that point on churches often peak and simply seek to maintain status quo. However, I believe that Jesus' Great Commission (Matthew 28; Acts 1:8) for His church isn't just to maintain or stay the course. It is to forge ahead into new and unreached (or under reached) areas. I get so excited about the thought of God using us to raise up more missionaries and preachers and leaders for the church and world!”

Lisa Penwell

Lisa Penwell is our Children’s Minister and oversees our children’s ministries from birth through fourth grade.  She is married to our Lead Pastor, Daren Penwell and together they have been serving in ministry for 25 years.  Lisa and Daren have 2 daughters and 2 sons-in-law and love spending time with them.  Both of their daughters have a heart for ministry and serve with their spouses in ministries in Michigan. Lisa and Daren also have a cat, named Pepper and a Golden Retriever, named Sage.   

Lisa’s love for ministry began at an early age. During middle school she had amazing youth leaders that were a great influence on her and made her want to be like them.   

After making a decision to full-time Christian service in Middle school, Lisa went to Great Lakes Christian College where she found an interest in missions.  She met Daren and together they wrestled with whether to do ministry abroad or in the states.  After the birth of their children, they decided to stay in the states, closer to family and found a church to serve in.  Later they were contacted by someone from Bailey Christian Church asking if Daren was interested in the Lead Pastor role.  They said "yes" and we are blessed that God has used them here for 20 years and counting!  

Lisa and Daren enjoy serving together at Bailey Christian Church but when they are not serving at Bailey, they enjoy going for walks, seeing movies, reading a good book together, and spending time with their children, family and friends. Lisa enjoys swimming and is looking forward to swimming at their new home located on a beautiful lake. Lisa also enjoys snow, sledding and building snowmen and being young at heart!  She’s truly a kid at heart which makes her the perfect fit for our Children’s Minister.  

When asked what her dream is for BCC, Lisa answered, “To provide for the community we live in and be the place they go to for answers, hope, healing, salvation, and acceptance.”  

Curt Nordhielm

Curt Nordhielm is our Administrative Minister.  He started working at Bailey in August of 2016. Curt and his wife, Linda, have been married for over 40 years and have 2 daughters and 3 granddaughters.  Although they wish they could spend more time with their grandchildren in Wisconsin and their other daughter in Denver, Curt and Linda enjoy living in Bailey and serving at Bailey Christian Church.  On Sunday mornings, Curt and Linda can both been seen around the church.  Linda serves in the Cafe' area during our fellowship time and Curt covers many different administrative areas and normally ends the service from the stage giving our weekly charge and closing prayer.    


Curt’s love for ministry started over 40 years ago and he has been involved in full time ministry settings throughout his adult life.  He has served in many places around the world including preaching in England, teaching at two Bible Colleges and helping churches with church planting.

Besides loving Jesus and his family, Curt  thoroughly enjoys woodworking--but sees himself very much a novice (but still has all of his fingers!). 

When asked what his dream is for B.C.C., Curt answered, “For it to become a stronger regional church with a huge influence.”

Ricky AltMiller

Ricky Altmiller is our Youth Minister. Ricky was born and raised in Columbus, IN which is in between Indianapolis and Louisville, KY. Ricky discovered a love for ministry in middle school and after high school went to Johnson University located in Knoxville, TN in the hills of the Great Smoky Mountains.  He graduated from Johnson University in 2010 and during his time there he completed a six month internship with Ghana Christian Mission in Ghana, West Africa. After graduation, he moved to Springfield, MO to be the youth minister at Glendale Christian Church. After serving in Missouri for seven years, Ricky answered the call to join Bailey Christian Church in the Fall of 2017 and is ready to be apart of God's plans for this congregation and community. 

Family is important to Ricky and even though he has not started his own family yet, Ricky has two wonderful parents that are major influences in his life. He enjoys spending time with his parents and extended family.  Ricky also has around 100 teenagers that he invests in, so he does have his hands full!

When not serving at the church or working with the youth, Ricky likes to do just about anything outdoors, see plays/musicals, attend sporting events and travel.

When asked what his dream is for B.C.C., Ricky answered, “To develop B.C.C. into a hub for turning out Kingdom Movers who are making disciples no matter where God takes them!”


Linden Mitchell is our Worship Minister. He and his wife Ruth studied music at Colorado Christian University. In their 2nd year they started dating and by their 3rd year they were engaged! Ruth studied piano performance, while Linden studied vocal performance. After graduating in 2020, they got married in September and moved to White Cloud, Michigan after accepting the position here at Bailey.

Linden plays a variety of instruments including: guitar, drums, bass, ukulele, piano, and mandolin. You can see Ruth playing violin, piano, drums, and sometimes the hammered dulcimer on Sunday mornings. Ruth also enjoys playing the mandolin and the Irish tin whistle.


Ruth and Linden love watching the birds in their backyard, hiking, and playing lots of music. They also have a street worship ministry called "Left and Right Ministries" which they started in Denver and brought to Michigan! 

Mandy daniels

Mandy Daniels is BCC's Administrative Assistant.  Mandy and her husband, Rob, have been married for 25 years.    They have a daughter, Heather, who lives in Alabama; and a son who lives in Michigan.  They also have two adopted daughters who live in Michigan; and 2 grandchildren. 

Mandy and Rob are sponsors for the high school youth group and love working with high schoolers/teens.  Mandy also loves working with the toddlers in the toddler room, and meeting people while greeting.  She loves baking, cooking, camping, tending her flower gardens, traveling, watching action movies and spending time with family.